Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Day Forever Bouquet

I am in charge of putting together crafts for Story Hour at my local library and this weeks theme was Mothers Day.  I don't know about you but I love getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers, they look so beautiful and smell so sweet but sadly only last about a week.  So this Mothers Day give Mom a bouquet she can keep forever!

All you need is paint (green- I only have primary colors so this was a fun craft with an added lesson about color theory), some glue and some flower pot and flower cut outs.  I have a die-cut machine so I used that but you can easily cut out a flower pot shape and then some flower shapes by hand.

Here are all our supplies!

First, take your green paint and paint it on your child's hand with a brush, you want to put on a decent amount- just don't slather it on or it'll look goopy.

Brooklyn was thrilled to get the okay to get all dirty with paint!  Anytime we craft she always asks if it's okay to get her hands dirty.

Here was our first handprint.  Note: When making the handprint off center the paper a bit so their hand is slightly tipped, this way the thumb won't be under the flower pot. (see below)

This was our second try.
Once the handprint is on, glue the flower pot and then a flower at the tip of each finger (aka stem).

Ta-da!  A beautiful bouquet that Mom can treasure forever (I know I will!)

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